*Shameless eyebobs plug alert*

In my mid-twenties I finally had my own health and vision insurance. I was so excited the first time I went to the eye doctor. By then I was already out and proud and living in San Francisco. Dorothy Parker hinted that “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses,” so I hoped that specs were a foregone conclusion for me. When the optometrist told me that my vision was 20/25 I was at the ready. Sure, he insisted I didn’t need glasses. But, I was on a mission to prevent those pesky passes. In truth, I thought glasses were a smart and sassy way to accessorize.

Now in my late-forties the optometrist no longer tells me I don’t need glasses. In fact, I now wear progressive lenses. Progressive like my politics. Not bi-focals. I am not Ben Franklin, thank you very much. I am, however, that woman at the restaurant who blames the lighting for why I can’t read the menu.

Check the specs

My wife and I have an annual tradition with our dear friends Ken and Suzanne’s family. We take an extended trip to the mountains to slough off the old year and ring in the new. We wished 2016 goodbye in Asheville, NC where I stumbled across my first pair of eyebobs frames. I couldn’t imagine then what I had unearthed.

The pair in question are called “Flat Tire.” The color and shape thrilled me. The price was right. Though they were readers (they now offers prescription lenses as part of their product offerings), I decided to use my vision insurance to replace the lenses with my progressive prescription.

The specs changed my 2017 in immeasurable ways. Let’s face it. I am not conventional… not everyone’s cup of tea. The frames made me appear somehow more whimsical and welcoming. Not a week went by without someone making their way across a crowd to tell me how much they adored my glasses — enabling a new connection with a former stranger. I spread the good word in person and on my Instagram.

Love at first sight

If you are an Instagram enthusiast like me, you get excited when you tag a brand about which you are fervent in a post and they ‘heart’ it. When I got my first ‘heart’ by eyebobs I was tickled to no end. Earlier this year I had the honor of meeting Jason, the designer of my Flat Tire frames and dispenser of sass. It was fan/geek heaven. Unironically, while parting ways with Jason, the valet at the restaurant leaned in and whispered to me, “I gotta say… those retro, Harry Potter, magical glasses you are wearing are the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” I exploded, “You will never guess who designed them!”

The folks at eyebobs and I have since been irreverently connected. As one of their newest brand ambassadors they have extended an offer to my friends, family, and anyone else who dares to subvert the dominant paradigm. Buy a pair of readers, prescription glasses — whatever you want/no minimum — and receive a Pen’Tup contraption that would make Inspector Gadget jealous.

Pen’Tup is a six-in-one tool that includes a ball point pen, touch screen stylus, level (my favorite component for reasons unbeknownst to me), Phillips and flat head screwdrivers and a ruler/scale. If someone steals it from you it is easily identifiable. Either steal it back or — better yet — buy a new pair of eyebobs and get another one for free. As someone who owns about a half dozen pair of eyebobs frames (Goyle, Unapologetic, Chutzpah, Flat Tire…)  that would be an easy way to justify adding a new pair to my collection.

Just remember to add the Pen’Tup tool to your cart and enter promo code: MINDYDAWN at checkout.

Unapologetically yours…

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    Cool. Well written

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