It Do Take Courage

Courage is a choice. It is the willingness to step up and speak truth to power at the risk of agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, loss, or intimidation. Sometimes that takes the form of living your love out-loud, and other times engaging in discourse, and/or showing up in the hope of influencing change. Those of us who do so understand the burden we are undertaking because the risk is worth the reward. We seek to erase the fear and secure the hope of a future in which our most vulnerable communities can achieve equity and equality.
And remember — the best way to honor those brave and courageous souls who fought for the freedoms we have today is to vote.

Dear Corporate America: Don’t Erase Us

Maybe I alone don’t have the power to make a meaningful difference, but if I do nothing the only thing guaranteed is that nothing will change. If I do something and someone sees — maybe it will move them to action. And maybe that action inspires another, and another, and another. And suddenly a powerful chorus of voices seek to enact change in their visibility.

Discord, Disruption, and Discourse — Oh My!

Just being an eccentric dresser doesn’t make one a visual activist. It requires intent, purpose, and constant refining/reassessment. It evolves as the message and times do. Most of all, it must be authentic to who you are.

Choose Extraordinary

‘If you are going to give me the side stare anyway,’ I thought, ‘I might as well be my authentic self and be the star of the Mindy Show.’ Anyone can choose to be ordinary. I choose extraordinary. Everyone should.

Is Where the Heart Is

When I step outside of the house in my gender non-conforming style I am aware of the tensions it may provoke. For this reason I am always armed with my sharpest weapons – a smile, love in my heart, and a desire to educate when the situation calls for it. My unique style makes me feel at home with myself.

DapperQ NYFW: Gravity Outlaw

Approaching mid-runway I tugged my blazer sleeve – left first, then right. As the blazer came off I heard a roar! My pace and purpose steadied. Pivoting at the end of the runway for my walk back it started to sink in. A smile washed over my entire being. I DID IT! I REALLY did it! How I didn’t raise both arms in celebratory joy is beyond me.

*Shameless eyebobs plug alert*

The frames made me appear somehow more whimsical and welcoming. Not a week went by without someone making their way across a crowd to tell me how much they adored my glasses — enabling a new connection with a former stranger.

Fashion Transgression is Patriotic

Patriotism demands questioning, challenging, and rising up for what’s right in the face of fear and hate mongering. It demands that we all look out for each other and stand together even when it’s hard — because the consequences should be unimaginable.