Let your inner child shine!

Lunching at a favorite local spot, The Cowfish Atlanta, I couldn’t help but notice the new addition out front. I looked all over to see where I could insert my quarter and ride this cowfish into the sunset. I saw so many others walking by it, smiling, but not approaching it. Hold tight to the innocence of childhood. Embrace it!

My initial focal point for this outfit was my Moschino polka dot pants. I then decided to mute the polka dots with my Banana Republic black tuxedo shirt, pulling it together with a Tie The Knot black bow tie with silver polka dots.

After I had the foundation established, my mind churned through my shoe collection to decide on the exclamation point of this outfit. My wife, Megan, proposed I wear my red Moschino fringe slip-on loafers. She nailed it! Pairing the shoes with a red pocket square and my ever-present rainbow flag/American flag lapel pin… I was ready to head out to work and to embrace the day.

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